First Session Jitters

For some people, imagining going to therapy for the first time can be tough, and physically going for the first time can be even scarier. For others, going to therapy is an exciting experience that they cannot wait to start. Everyone is different and has their unique experiences. 

Going to therapy for the first time can be challenging for many reasons, but also very intriguing for many reasons. Maybe you are scared to start the process of talking about yourself and some of the things you are coming in for, and maybe you are also interested in what the possibilities are for your future. It is completely normal to feel many feelings at once when coming to therapy.  

In my first session with clients, I like to get to know them and see where they are coming from. I like to gather information and goals that clients have and together, we can create a plan for therapy. The first few sessions are about therapy, yes, but they are also about getting to know one another. We are strangers in the first session, but eventually, therapeutic trust can be built, which helps treatment run smoother.

We have all had to do something new for the first time, whether it is therapy, a new job, a new school, a new doctor’s office, or meeting new people at an event. So, know that you are not alone. I do not know exactly what you are going through because we all have different experiences, but I can understand the feeling of being anxious.

If you are anxious about going to therapy, it does not mean that it is going to be a negative experience. Therapy in general is an experience to create positive change. There may be uncomfortable times, but in the end, it is a meant to be a helpful and eye-opening experience.

If you feel nervous before your first session, call or email your therapist and ask questions about therapy and get to know your therapist for a few minutes over the phone so that you feel comfortable meeting them in person at your first session.

Good luck in your first session! You will do great!

If you would like your first session, and sessions after that, to be with me, feel free to contact me. Have a great day!

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Posted on March 23, 2014 and filed under therapy, MFT, first session, anxiety.