You Can Do This!

Sometimes it can feel like you are alone in your issues, but you are not. Everyone deals with things differently, and that is what counseling can help with.

Learning to set and positively achieve goals is possible. Overcoming challenges is a difficult part of life, and I am here to help you!

Maybe you are asking yourself how therapy will help if you can't even think about the issues, or be in the same room as the people you are fighting with, or feel like you are being consumed by everything around you. 

Maybe you have tried some solutions and feel like "nothing works". In sessions, we will try different tools that are specific to you so working through all of this feels less heavy. 

I work with life change and family issues, specializing in: 

- Teen girls & issues that come with this population (self esteem, boundaries, assertiveness, conflict resolution, academic perfection, sexism, etc.)

- Co-Parenting after separation or divorce (working effectively and cooperatively with your ex to help your kids)

- Life transitions (high school to college... college to "adulting"... job changes... moving... retirement... finding new friends & hobbies... and more!) 

- Family of Origin (creating, enforcing, and keeping boundaries with family members) - Differentiation means being healthy with your family as an independent adult, so not being disengaged from them, but also not being enmeshed with them. 

- Working with families to better everyone's communication & patterns 

- Assertiveness issues - appropriately standing up for yourself in all relationships, personal and professional, to become more confident and empowered 

- Don't see what you need here? Call or email me and we can consult. I have many amazing referrals in town if you need something that I don't provide.