What to Expect


Many people get nervous about starting therapy. This is completely normal. Starting anything new can be scary and anxiety-provoking. I believe that we can build a comforting and trusting relationship as therapist and client. I like to get to know my clients first because it is sometimes difficult to talk about everything in early sessions. Change takes time in any journey. 


Everyone is different-- some people stay in therapy for a few months, some people stay in therapy for a few years. It is really up to you, your goals, your progress, and your pace of change. In general, therapy is consistent and continual for the sake of productive change. 


My style of therapy is positive, genuine, and empathetic. I will be challenging at times, but only when you seem to need it. It is important that you feel understood and validated, because that is a major part of the therapy process. 


Therapy will be tailored to the client's comfort level. As a therapist, I will create a non-threatening and non-judgmental environment. This creates a healthier therapeutic relationship.