G.E.T. it! 

Girls Empowering Themselves

This is a safe space for teen girls to talk about issues, feel heard, and gain support from other girls going through similar experiences. Through this group, girls will be empowered to: make healthy decisions against stressors and perfectionism, become more independent and responsible to prepare for adulthood, create confidence in their accomplishments and body image, filter negative and positive influences, choose healthy relationships, and learn how to deal with bullies through conflict resolution.





Conflict Resolution



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G.E.T. it! 

Girls Empowering Themselves

2.0 College Transitions

This is a safe space for college age women (18-24) to talk about the unique issues they are facing, feel heard, and gain support from other young women going through similar experiences. Through this group, you will be empowered to: make healthy decisions against stressors and perfectionism, learn how to become healthy and successful adults, process being first generation college students, navigate sexism in the professional world, create confidence in your accomplishments, create and nurture positive self esteem, filter negative and positive thoughts, choose healthy relationships and enforce boundaries, and learn how to become who YOU want to become!

Dear Teens,

Life is hard right now. I know, I've been there. You are going through changes that you might not understand, or maybe you do. You have friends, people you like, and people you dislike. School is stressful-- the papers, the tests, the teachers, the other students, the extracurriculars, the job (possibly). There is a lot to focus on. Family stuff is also hard sometimes-- difficult communication, chores, siblings, talking to your parents... Being you is also stressful-- the media says be one way, and you want to be you, but also fit in, but also be unique... this can create some self-esteem issues. Therapy can be a safe place to talk about the things that bother you and work on them. Therapy is not for "crazy" people; therapy is for everyone because everyone is going through something. Going does not make you weird, it makes you stronger, healthier, and happier. Family sessions can also be helpful in order to better express to your family what is happening in your life, at school, and in your busy mind. Think about it... 


Dear parents,

Teens are already difficult to deal with. Society likes to say this because it's true. But it's only true because they are going through so many life changes at once (that's scary!). In less than a decade, they have grown, their bodies have changed drastically, they have more responsibilities, and they are almost adults (yikes!). Teens are in a transitional stage in life where they want to find independence from you, but they still depend on you for so much. They have some of the same issues you had as teens, but so much more with body image issues, cyber bullying, and schedules being fuller from activities and friends. Individual sessions for your teen(s) can be helpful for them to have a safe space to talk about things that bother them. This doesn't mean they are necessarily keeping secrets form you, they just need someone unbiased to process issues with. Family sessions are wonderful as well! Communication and structure within the family can dwindle in these turbulent times. Learning to better communicate and structure the household can help the whole family function more successfully! Try it out and set up a session today!