Welcome, Registered Interns & Supervisees!


I am a Supervisor Candidate with OBLPCT

What does that mean? This means that I am a newer supervisor with the state of Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists. Just like y’all have supervisors for internship, we have “Supervisors of Supervision” also.

Style of Supervision

I am a strength-based, collaborative supervisor and therapist, which means that I utilize supervisee’s strengths to empower them and to collaboratively create tools to work through difficult clients, sessions, and topics. My style of supervision allows for open, non-judgmental conversation, and trust to occur. I invite open communication, two-way feedback, and will focus on an exploration of values, beliefs, biases, and conflicts as they relate to your clinical work. I will also be direct when needed, because sometimes we just need guidance.

Education & Equity

I am rooted in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, which means that on top of conceptualizing cases with theories we learned in grad school, we will also analyze aspects of oppression, while exploring our own power and privilege, and discovering what other societal factors may be at play for folks’ mental health difficulties. I teach in the graduate counseling program at Portland State University, so I have the privilege of gaining new knowledge each term that I can’t wait to share with y’all!

Availability & Fees

I am currently accepting new supervisees (post graduate degree Registered Interns) for LMFT Interns and LPC Interns! I offer individual supervision for folks. I would like to start group supervision in the future. Fees are different depending on how long you have been in the field post-graduation. Please contact me for more information and I look forward to hearing from you!